It’s A Shock That You Landed On This Page. Lemme Tell You, There’s Still Time To Hit Backspace Before Diving Into The Deep Dark Web My Mind Is.
Okay, You’ve Decided. Then Grab A Torch And Dive In!

See, I’m Not Gonna Tell You What All You’re Going To Find Here Because That’s Gonna Be A Surprise To Me, Too. (Yeah, I’m The Author Or Something) But To Give You A Heads-Up, You’ll Be Reading Me And My Mind. And Mind Me, My Heart And My Brain, Yuup, Are Also Parts Of My Mind.

Now I Can Sense Many Questions And Accusations Bubbling Up In That Little, No Offence, Curious Mind of Yours.

  1. “Gosh, She’s So Narcissistic!”
    • Yep, I Am ‘She’, If You Haven’t Already Guessed From All Pink And Purple And Blue Theme All Around You. And, Yes, It Sounds Verrrry Narcissistic But Nope, It’s Not.
    • The Sole Purpose Of This Blog Is To Help You Learn From My Experiences And Know Your Opinions On The Same, Which Helps Me. So You See, It’s A Win-Win.
  2. “Why The Hell She Is Typing All That In Title Case??”
    • Well, As Someone Once Said, “English Language Is Not Created By Vaishali Vyas.” And To That, I Said This. (For Beginners, Click/Tap On “This” To Find Out The Reason Behind Why I Write The Way I Write.”

And Yay!! You Know My Name. (Yeah, Vaishali Vyas Is Me, Duh!) But Hey, That’s What My Parents Gave Me, And I’d Rather Prefer To Be Known As “Sayv Ilahsiav”, Which Is Exact Opposite To My Real One. It Fits Me Real Well As I’m Exact Opposite Of What My Parents Kinda Want Me To Be, Or Tries To Make Me Into.
But Yes, Vaishali Vyas Or Sayv Ilahsiav, Both Are A Mouthful. You Can Go On And Call Me “ViVi” From ViVianaverse, A Happy Little Unicorn-Shaped Soul, Who’d Like To But Would Not Stab People With Her Illusionry Horn.

And, I Don’t Know How Am I Supposed To Read This… I Mean, Like, Am I Supposed To Tell You How Many Eggs I Eat Everyday Because That’s Zero, Because, I’m This Ovo-ish-Lacto-Vegetarian Kid Who Eats Desserts With Egg But Not Egg Because They Taste Good? Then, There You Go. But Wait, I’m No KID. I’m A Big Girl, Turned 19-Years Today And All, After All.

And, Yay!! You Know My Birthday!! Buy Me Some Chocolates Or A Coffee, Maybe? Or You Can Leave Me A Message Real Quick.

I’d Love That. You See, Besides From Sharing Experiences And Opinions, I Created This Thing So That I Can Learn To Communicate Freely. I Love To Get To Know People. But I Cannot Bring Myself To Socialize In Real Life. I Feel Like Nobody Wants To Talk To Me Or Like I’m Bothering Them. But I Don’t Want That To Stop Me From Talking Entirely.

So Here I Am, Pouring All That I Would Like To Share With A Friend. If You’d Like To Befriend Me, Then You Can Very Much Leave A Reply Below Or Reach Me Out On Various Social Platforms. As An Author And A Friend, I’d Really Appreciate That.

Through This Blog, I’m Not Forcing Anyone To Befriend Me Or Talk To Me. At The Same Time, I’m Also Saving Myself The Anxiety To Start A Conversation. I’m Telling Stories. If You’d Like To Tell Yours And Hear Mine More, All You’ve To Do Is Hit Contact.

Another Reason Behind All This Is Entertainment, Obviously, Like Who Doesn’t Like To Read Other’s Diaries, Duh? So Here You Go. I’ve Been Writing For Quite Some Time And Been An Author On Different Blogs. Maybe You’ll Find Something Entertaining In My Mundane Life Story. Good Luck With That.

So What Are You Waiting For? Join Me On This Crazy Adventurous Journey Of Self-Searching! Subscribe Now To Stay Updated On Latest Posts And News. Hit Like If You, Well, Like All This. Share With Your Friends Or Not, As You Wish.

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