Darkness And Me

“And I was in the Darkness, so Darkness I became…”

I Like Darkness. Yeah, That’s The Understatement Of The Century. I’M IN LOVE WITH DARKNESS, So So Much That It Overwhelms Me. “There’s Something To The Feeling Of Not Knowing Your Surroundings, Not Knowing The Color Of Things As They Appear, But As They Truly Are. There’s Something About The Unknown, The Quiet, The Cold. There’s Something Unspoken, Unseen About The Dark, Something I Can Never Quite Put Words To. Something Terrifying, Yet Beautiful.”

Normal People Have No Idea How Beautiful Darkness Is. But I Know It Oh-so-well. Loving Darkness Doesn’t Mean I Hate The Light, I Don’t. And Neither Am I A Negative Person. I Am The Person Who Looked Right Through The Negativity And Yet See The Positive. I Was Born In Light, But I Thrive In Darkness. I Am The Darkness And The Darkness Is Me. We’re Inseparable. We’re Forever.

I Am The Moon, Who Appears In The Day, Too, But Shines At Night. The Darkness Of The Night Is What Makes It Light. But The Darkness Of The Night Grows More And More Every Night, Consuming A Part Of The Moon, And Eventually One Night It Consumes The Moon Completely. But The Moon Is Not Weak. It Consumes The Darkness, Itself And Night By Night, Makes Itself Shine Part By Part And Then One Night, It Lights The Whole World. And Like That The Cycle Goes On And On, Forever And Ever After.

But The Moon Can Never Shine Without Darkness. The Light Can Never Thrive Without The Night. In Order For The Light To Shine So Brightly, The Darkness Must Be Present. Only In The Darkness Can You See The Stars. So, I’m Not Escaping Darkness Anymore, I’ve Learned To Love Myself There…

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0 thoughts on “Darkness And Me

  1. Dark and light two side of the same coin
    One cannot exist without the other
    Where is darkness there is light
    Where is light there is darkness


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