“English Language Is Not Created By Vaishali Vyas.”

Hello, World!

Today I’m Going To Tell You About A Someone Who Is A Good Person In This World Of Quite Many Bad People. Someone Who Actually Cared, Even If It Might Have Been Fake. So Let’s Talk.

English Language
English Language

I Have A Dream Among Others. For That I Got In Touch With A Someone Working For Google, I Guess. She Couldn’t Help Me With What I Needed But She Did Give Me A Good Advice Out Of Humanity, I Guess. She First Appreciated My Writing Skills And Then Asked Me About What I Find A Major Fault In Everything I Write. I Knew What She Was Talking About. And I Told Her. Then She Asked Why Do I Write Like That? I Tried To Explain Her, But Guess I Couldn’t.

But I Will Now.

Yes, I Write In Title Case Always. That’s Me. I Used To Write like this, Too In My Earlier Days. I Saw People Writing lyk dis, Too. And I Started Doing The Same. But It Disturbed Me In A Way. It Disturbed My Love For The English Language. It Looked So Irregular And Disordered Way Of Writing. And So I Decided To Be Different. No, Different Doesn’t Always Mean Wrong. And It Need Not Necessarily Be Right. It’s Just, Different.

It’s A Strange Reason… So… Umm… In My Life, I Value Words The Most. Especially English. For Me, Every Word Has Equal And Very High Importance. I Don’t Prioritize My Words, Like Only Capitalize Important Word Or Proper Nouns According To Grammar. I Treat Every Word Equally. Same Reason Why I Can’t Break Promises Or Lie. Because That’s Like Disrespecting Words. And That Doesn’t Feel Right To Me.
Although, Grammatically, It’s Incorrect, But Then Use Of Custom-Made Abbreviations And Slangs Is Too, Up To Certain Extent… And, I Only Capitalize Typed Words. In School, I Don’t Do That. I Also Respect Language And Sentence Structure, Even If I’m Not That Great At It.

It Sounds Stupid, But, Then That’s Me, Unique, Different, Strange, Weird, Everything Together. Again A Reason Why I’m The Ultimate Misfit. And, Yeah, When I Use SHOUTY CAPITALS, That’s Only For Stressing On The Word Which Is Spoken The Same Way.

At This Time, Even My Phone Is Habitual Of How I Type In English. It Suggests Me Capitalized English Words Only. I’m Habitual. I’ll Be Slow If I Have To Type In Sentence Case. Besides, If By-Mistake, I Write A Non-Capitalized Word, It Annoys Me. Feels Like A Crime. (I Dunno Why) So, It’s Just A Reflex Action, That I Type Only Capitalized Words. I Only Use That While Writing Personal Texts. Like Chats And Other Stuff. In Social Media, I Mean. Not In School. It Does Affect Me Because Of Guilty Feeling Again, But I’m Also Able To Ignore Because Of Same Guilty Feeling.

It’s Like My Guilt-Feeling Don’t Let Me Make Mistakes. Doing Something Wrong Or Incorrect Annoys Me. Now, In My Mind, I Know That In School, It’s Wrong. School Rules Say You Must Use Proper Grammar. Here, My Guilt-Feeling Kicks In, Telling Me Not To Do The Wrong Thing And Follow The Rules. But, While Chatting, My Mind Tells Me That I’ve Control Over This. This My Personal Thing. So, I Have To Follow My Rules. Now In My Rules, Capitalizing Every Word Is A Necessity. So, Again My Guilt-Feeling Tells Me, “Do The Right Thing. Follow Rules!” And So I Do.

So That’s That.

And, Now, Miss Good Person, Thank You For Your Advice. It’s Because I Respect You, I Changed All My Texts To Sentence Case. But More Than My Respect For You Or Anyone Else, I Respect My Self. This Is Me. This Is How I Write. And, Yes, “English Language Is Not Created By Vaishali Vyas.” But, Miss, English Language Is Also Not Created By The People Who Write lyk dis.

And A Fun Fact – José Saramago, Was A Portuguese Writer And Recipient Of The 1998 Nobel Prize In Literature. I’d Like To Share An Extract From José’s Wikipedia, About His Writing Style:

José Saramago Autograph

Saramago’s experimental style often features long sentences, at times more than a page long. He used periods sparingly, choosing instead a loose flow of clauses joined by commas.Many of his paragraphs extend for pages without pausing for dialogue, (which Saramago chooses not to delimit by quotation marks); when the speaker changes, Saramago capitalizes the first letter of the new speaker’s clause. His works often refer to his other works.In his novelBlindness, Saramago completely abandons the use of proper nouns, instead referring to characters simply by some unique characteristic, an example of his style reflecting the recurring themes of identity and meaning found throughout his work.

Well, Portuguese Language Is Also Not Created By Respected Mr. José. 😉

“If it sounds like writing, I rewrite it. Or, if proper usage gets in the way, it may have to go. I can’t allow what we learned in English composition to disrupt the sound and rhythm of the narrative.”

Elmore Leonard


I Do Not Mean Disrespect And Offence To Anyone And Anything, Alive Or Dead. I’m Just Sharing My Views, Which I’ve Much Right To Do. I’m Thankful To Everyone Who Respects My Way Of Writing. And, If Anyone Is Not Liking My Work, They Can Simply Close The Current Tab. I Didn’t Force You To Read It, Man!

Much Thanks To The Miss Who Gave Me A Valuable Advice.

Infinite Respect And Admiration For Mr. José Saramago.

Special Thanks To You, Who Knows Who I’m Referring To By That ‘You’, Who Reminded Me Of Myself.

English Language

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3 thoughts on ““English Language Is Not Created By Vaishali Vyas.”

  1. Hmmm…. I like to start off with a hummm…

    In all my years of using English as the common language of my choice, I had to go this page to realize what Title case is. Sure it is not my first language, but several decades of its use should have driven that definition into my memory. Maybe I hadn’t heard it titled that way, a title-case makes a case great, of worthy stature, so that nothing follows may to any length abate.

    That might be disappointing to some, some like you, that I happen to miss the obvious Title Case In Everything Written that I read throughout this site thus far. After having made such an effort to write so distinctly. But then programmers do have strange tendencies. Distracted and derailed from the obvious I must have been, gawking at the design and the pretty colours. Soothing my evening in a pastel entourage as the sun sets, providing its own background ambience, as my computer screen, emblazoned by your website.

    So Saramago had an interesting twist on the use of language. It definitely does comfort me a little now, as I think back on my writings of the past, and wonder how it is that I wrote a paragraph spanning lines, filled with many words; yet could have only one full-stop, at the very end. There are after all many non-alphabetical characters on the keyboard to use up, if the full-stop is so important than I might just start leaving it to the very end of any document I write. Oooopss… did I use it to early?

    I was once told when I was learning English, in my yeeeee little years. That a comma and full-stop should arrive on the scene of a sentence, naturally, in a moment, where if that sentence were to be read, one speaking it would be out of breath. That poses a few issues, the shallow breathers of the modern age would be dropping comma-bombs and f-stop-bombs too often I say. Which would only leave some pranayamic masters to compete with the likes of Saramago, except rather than writing do reading, and read possibly pages without dropping a breather.

    The fact remains that written language has long made an attempt to produce on written note, how the thought follows a course to the conclusion, and in thinking that now I wonder how much of my thoughts are never written. And that all my attempts to be known by another through my words written forth, are possibly in some degree of vain, for never shall I achieve writing everything that I’m thinking, but that which only is a topic explored, consented to consensus, of those taking part in the conversation. Will anybody know me through my words????? Does my writing even make sense here? Suddenly I feel so alone in writing__________________

    Seeya…. Sayv Ilahsiav….. sounds Russian….


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