About How My Family Let Go A Murderer

“There is no beauty in sadness. No honor in suffering. No growth in fear. No relief in hate. It’s just a waste of perfectly good happiness.”

Katerina Stoykova Klemer

First Off, I’d Like To Sincerely Apologize For Using A Clickbait In The Title There. I Do Not Mean My Family(viz. My Parents And Siblings Only), But My Extended Family, i.e. The Family Of My Family. Yes, They Let Go A Murderer. Why? Here’s A Story:

Once Upon A Time…

There Was A Girl, A Wild Child, Mischievous Yet The Most Loved. Youngest Of Five Siblings, And Tens Of Cousins Living Under The Same Roof, She Stayed A Kid For A Time Longer Than What That Time Allowed. She Wasn’t A Bright Kid In School, Just A Happy-Go-Lucky Personality, Wandering Through The Chapters Of Childhood. She Was Talented Though, A Hereditary Talent. 

She Had The Voice Of An Angel When She Sang.

Then She Grew Up. Entering College, She Matured, Became Less Mischievous But Stil Had That Same Charming Aura. One Could See How Youth Has Blessed Her With A Face As Fierce And Charming As Her Personality. Once A Dumb Student Now Topped Exams, Won Great Awards. A Fresher Queen, A Great Vocalist, Superb Dancer, She Was The Diva In Her Own Kingdom. A Woman So Fine Deserved The World. But The World Had Different Plans For Her.

Soon After College Graduation, She Was Engaged To Be Married. Arranged By The Forefathers, Approved By The Fathers. No, She Had No Say, Nor Anyone Who Were Objecting To The Potential Husband, Who Lacked That Exactly, The Potential To Be A Husband.

On A Hot Summer Night, She Finally Became A Wife. And That Was The End Of Her Youth And Most Life.

She Is Now Married For More Than Fifteen Years, Anything But Happily. A Family Woman. With Two Kids To Take Care Of, All She Wishes In Life Is Theirs. Hers Is Already Lost. 

Time And Time Again, Her In-Laws And Mostly Her Husband, Have Exterminated Parts Of Her. She Didn’t Dare Say. But One Day, Things Got Out Of Hands. He Got Hold Of Her Throat And Held Her High. She Cried And Plead But He Paid No Heed. She Struggled For Breath And Finally Lost Conscious. 


This Is The Story Of Someone Close To Me. An Aunt Perhaps. Her Children Are The Only Thing Keeping Her Alive RIght Now. And Although She Smiles And Laughs And Pretends To Be The Same Fierce And Charming Girl She Was, She’s Actually Broken Inside. Her Moronic Husband Did Try To Kill Her But Was Unsuccessful For His Own Good.

When She Screamed In Pain, Her In-Laws Gathered Around But None Did Anything To Help And Instead Stood There To Watch The Show. Her Children Were Sitting Beside Her Helpless Self, Scared, Crying, Frightened By Their Own Father. Her Little Daughter Was The One Who Was Brave Enough To Secretly Text And Told One Of My Cousins, Some of The Situation. 

The Saddest Thing Isn’t That She Suffered So Much, But Even After All This, She Still Stayed Quiet. She Still Didn’t Speak Up. All For What? A Hoax Of A Dignity! And None In Her Family, Not Even Her Parents Did Anything To Help Her. All For The Dignity.

What, Pray Tell, Will You Do With This Dignity When One Day That Monster Kills This Princess? When Did Dignity Became More Important Than A Person’s Life? And What Kind Of Dignity Is This Which Stays While You Tear By Tear Lose Yourself But Goes Away When You Stand Up For Yourself Against A Murderer? 

That’s Only Some Of The Questions I Had When I Heard Of The Scenario. And, Friends, Nothing Makes Me More Ashamed Than Being Part Of A Family Like That. How Am I Supposed To Feel Safe And At Home Around These People? How Can I Trust Them To Help Me If I Go Through Even A Remotely Similar Situation? This Place, This Family Has Always Been Sick. But This Is Another Level.


How Does A Person Live With Something Like That? Who Else Out There Is Suffering In The Shadows? Are These People Really My Family? How Many More Are Out There Suffering This Kind Of Barbarity? How Long Have They Been Suffering For? How Long They Have To Keep Suffering? Is This The Fate Of All Women In This Family? Will I Be Sacrificed, Too For The Sake Of A Family’s Name And Honour?

I Don’t Understand A Thing. But I Know This, That I Cannot Stay Here. This Place Makes Me Feel Sick, Disgusted And Suffocated. And I Pity My Parents To Have Grown In Such Atmospheres. And No Matter What, I Truly Am Proud To Hear My Parents Say That If It Were There Own, Daughter, The Monster Wouldn’t Even Be Given Chance To Commit This Atrocity, To Begin With. 

But How Long Can I Trust These Words? Will Dignity Become More Important To My Parents Than My Own Life? Or Will They Stand By Me? If Not, Then What Am I Supposed To Do? Where Am I Supposed To Go? Who Am I Supposed To Ask For Help? Who, If Not Your Family, Can You Trust?


If There Was Any, Would It All Have Happened? 

This Text Is Broken. Disorganized. Like My Thoughts. I Need To Explain But I Don’t Even Understand It Myself. I Really Don’t Know What I Wanted To Conclude Here. All I Know Is I Needed To Say This. To Forget This But Not Let It Go. I Can’t. I Want This To Stay Here, Be Known To The World So That One Day, When It Comes The Time To Tell Everyone The Truth About My Own Self, And Why I Became So, I’ll Have This Piece Of Information Here To Show Why I’d Rather Be A ‘Characterless’, ‘Egoistic’ Rebel I Am, Than Somebody’s Nobody.

And Most Of All, Above Everything Else, One Day, I Want To Save Her. One Day, I Want To Be Powerful Enough And Be An Example Enough To Show That Dignity Doesn’t Come From Outside, It Comes From Within.

But Tell Me, Somebody, How Does One Live With This Kind Of Knowledge?

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