Should Menstrual Products Be Made Free?

I Think Not. Here’s Why.

I Was Very Impressed To Here That Scotland Is Set To Make Menstrual Products Free. But Then It Made Me Wonder, Is It Really Right To Do So? Before Saying A Yes Or Not To That, Let’s Look At All The Reasons Oh Both Yes And No.

Reasons Why Menstrual Products Should Be Made Free

  1. Let’s First Get This Clear That Menstrual Products Are Insanely Expensive All Around The World. There Are So Many Women Who Cannot Access This Because They Can’t Afford It. And That Makes Them Unable To Participate In Many Of The Precious Moments In Their Lives.
  2. Secondly, Menstruation Is Something We Women Never Asked For. Whether We’re Okay With It Or Not, Doesn’t Mean That It’s Not Forced On Us. It Very Much Is And It’s Not Something As Easy As Other Natural Processes In Our Body For Waste Management Like Sweating, Peeing And Pooping. So It’s Not Fair To Compare It With Those At Such A Scale. Free Menstrual Products Will At Least Remove The Financial Difficulty We Have Due To Periods.
  3. Unlike Popular Belief, That Periods Are Not Deadly So They Should Be Treated Normal, It Can Actually Be Very Much Deadly. Not In Literal Sense, But Half Of The Women In The World Suffer A Great Lot Of Diseases Related Directly To Their Menstruation. And Half Of Those Is Caused Because Of Unhygienic Menstrual Routines. Free Menstrual Products Will Help Eliminate That.

Reasons Why They Shouldn’t Be Free

Menstrual Products
  1. Menstrual Products Though A Necessity Are Expensive To Manufacture Even. By Making Them Free, The Entire Industry Will Go Into Downfall. That Will Affect The Financial Conditions Of Not Just Women But Also Men Working To Manufacture Those. It’s Not Right To Do Something So It’s Fair For One And Unfair For Other.
  2. Let’s Also Not Forget That We Humans Tend To Waste A Lot Whatever We Get For Free. And Not Caring About Something As Unnatural As Sanitary Products, We’ll Only Be Harming Our Earth More. More Than Half Of The Sanitary Products Are Made Out Of Non-Biodegradable Materials. Wasting That Would Only Lead To The Doom Of Earth Faster.
    • Now You Can Ban All Unnatural Products And Only Supply The Biodegradable Ones, It’ll Be Even More Unfortunate According To Point 1. So There’s That.
  3. People Are Saying That Menstrual Products Should Be Made Free For Women Because They Made Condoms Free For Men? Well… People, You’re Forgetting That Condoms Are Free For Not Just Men, But Also Women. While Unprotected Sex Can Cause Life-Altering Situations(STDs), Especially For Women(Unwanted Pregnancy), Periods Won’t Really Do As Much Harm. (Keywords: “As Much”). So I’d Request Everyone To Stop Comparing The Two Situations.
  4. Secondly, They’re Saying That Toilet Papers Are Also Free. But Hey, Why Do You Think That’s A Good Thing? Because It’s Not. I Am Very Sure That So Much Of Toilet Paper Is Wasted Just Because Of That And Let’s Not Forget That It’s Harming The Nature, Too.


So You See, There Are Clearly More Serious Reasons Why Menstrual Products Shouldn’t Be Made Free.

But They Should Be Made Cheap. So That It’s Still Affordable And It Still Has Value Enough To Avoid As Much Wastage. So Should Be Toilet Paper.

Lastly, I Want To Remind Everyone That Just Like Menstrual Products, Toilet Paper, Condoms And Anything Else In That Order Are A Basic Necessity And A Human Right. But So Are Food And Water. But Why Isn’t Anyone Talking Of Making Those Free? At Least They’re Not Harmful To Nature After Being Disposed Of? Well, We All Know Why. Because It Takes So Much To Manufacture Them And Yes, We Humans Tend To Waste And That’s Too Important To Be Wasted. Well, So Is Sanitary Products. So Please Stop Following One Claim And Think Of All The Factors. Think Of How It’ll Affect Us All In The Long Run.

I Must Also Add This, That Nobody Asked To Be Dependent On Food And Water To Live Either. So It’s Also Forced On Us If You Look At It. And There Are A Lot More Humans Dying Because Of Lack Of Food And Water Than Females Even Getting Sick Because Of Lack Of Menstrual Products. So Please, Think Carefully Before You Act.

So This Women’s Day, Let’s Not Just Think Of Just Ourselves, Women, But Of The Entire World And Its Betterment.

By All This, I Mean No Offence To Anyone. If You Have A Better Argument, I’m Open For A Debate. Comment Down Below What You Think Of It.

Thank You For Reading.

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