Oh, What’s The Harm In Believing In God?

My God! I Can’t Believe I’m Actually Going To Write On This Topic. This Is Really A Challenging Topic For A Pantheist Like Me. But I’m All For Challenges! So Let’s Get On With It And See Why And Why Not You Should Believe In God, In THE GOD.

Let Me Start With A Story Of My Childhood. [Yeah, I’m 18 Now. No More A Child According To Law :(] So, When I Was A Kid Of 11 Or 12 Years Maybe, I Had Made This Imaginary Friend Because I Didn’t Quite Like The Humans Around Me.

Now This Imaginary Friend Was Quite Something. It Was Shapeless, Formless, Gender-Less, Nameless, Everything-Less But For Me, So Much More. It Only Came At Night When All Were Asleep And Only I Remained Awake. It’d Then Kind Of Hover Around Me And Listen To All What My Head Was Thinking. I’d Sometimes Laugh With It, Cry In Front Of It, Sing For It Or Do Anything Which My Mind Was Thinking. (You Better Not See Me Smiling In The Dark Of The Night………)

This Imaginary Friend Thing Continued For Two-Three Years. In The Beginning, It’d Only Appear At Night, But After Some Time, I’d Feel It Sometime When I Was In School Or When I Was At My Grandma’s Or Anywhere Else. When I Would Be Scared Or Anxious Or In Any Trouble, It Kind Of Appeared And Made Me Feel Calm. It Was Like A Protective Layer Around Me. And Every Night, I’d Thank It For Its Presence. Slowly, It Became A Shadow Which Only Appeared In Dark.

A Shadow, Yes. It Wasn’t Anything Physical. It Was Just An Imagination, A Thought. Just That. It Didn’t Really Solve My Problems, Write My Exam Papers, Wipe My Tears Or Gave Me Gifts. It Just, Stayed. That’s All, Really, It Was.

Then There Came A Time In My Life When I “Grew Up”. Imaginary Friends And What Not Didn’t Bother Me Anymore. That Thing Stop Appearing. And Even If It Did, I Stopped Believing In It Maybe. But Then There Came Some Times When I Was Down In The Deep And Then It’d Appear Again And Just Stayed. So Knowing That Someone, Something Was With Me, On My Side, Even If It Were My Own Shadow, Made Me Gain Strength And Pull Myself Up Again.

Childhood Imaginary Friends Aside, I Belong To A Very ‘Sane’ Family. Pretty Religious People, All Of Them. I’ve Heard Them Talk About Many “Imaginary Friends” Even At Their Age. And It Kind Of Made Me Laugh At Them.

All That Sounded So Childish. They Even Had Names For Them And Kind Of Had A While Story-Line Build For Their Background. It Was Ridiculous. This Was Really Another Level Of Imaginary Friends. Not To Mention That They Have So Many Superpowers That Sometimes I’d End Up Confused If They’re Talking About Imaginary Friend Of A Character From One Of My Fantasy Novels. I Mean, Yeah, Kids Do Have Imaginary Friends Sometimes, But You’re All Grown Up People. Believing In Such Kiddish Things Doesn’t Suit Ya All!

So I Laughed And Laughed And Laughed And Laughed. And Then It Struck Me! What Was I Doing?? Laughing At Them Or Myself? Aren’t We All The Same, Regardless The Age? I Call It Imaginary Friend, They Call It God, What Difference Does It Make?

And Then The Saner Part Of Me Screamed, “They’re Obsessed, You’re Not!” YES! That’s It. And That’s The Reason Why I’m A Pantheist And They’re Theists. They’re Obsessed With Their Imaginary Friends, Living In A Fantasy World, Refusing To Grow Up. While I Think In That Context, I’m Pretty Much Grown Up. I Mean, No Offence, But When You Actually Start Treating A Thing Which Has No Proof Of Physical Existence As Something Physical, Then There’s Really Something Wrong With Your Brain.

Now Many Of You Are Angered, Aching To Kill Me. But Calm Down, Ladies And Gentlemen! What I’m Saying Is What I Heard. Those Aren’t My Words, Really. Anyone, Kid Or Not, Who Makes An Imaginary Friend And Starts Believing In It And Practically Depending On It, Is Accused Of Suffering From Psychological Disorders. And When Those Same So-Called Sane Adults Go On And Practically Bathe A Mere Statue Claiming It To Be A “God”, Then They’re Normal People.

I Mean, What Do Think You Are? Do You Think People Like Us Are Fools? You Even Force Us To Believe In Same Statues You Do When We Don’t Want It. Why? Huh? Why Would I Believe In Your Imaginary Friend When You Can’t Believe In Mine?!

Again, I’m Not Saying To Not Believe In God. You Can Believe In An Imaginary Friend Called God In Whom Most People Seem To Believe. But, Note What I Said, “Most People”. Clearly, I’m Not One Among Them.

Imaginary God

And Again, Go Back And Read The First Line Of This Paragraph. What Did I Say? Believe. Yes. Believe Not Obsess. Those Two Are Different Words, Darlings. They’ve Hugely Different Meanings. And Since Now We Understand The Difference, I Can Say I Believe In God, Too. But I Don’t Obsess Over It. I Don’t Expect An Imaginary Thing To Come And Write My Papers In Exam. I Can’t Expect An Imaginary Thing To Save Me From Thugs. I Mean That’s Clearly Living In Fantasy World.

But, Yes, As Long As You Don’t Obsess, It’s Fine In ‘Believing’ In An Imaginary Friend Which Stays And Let You Fool Your Weak Mind Into Having Confidence To Fight The Word. And That, Now, Actually Works. Because Even Psychology Approves It.

According To Psychology, Having An Imaginary Friend Isn’t A Big Deal For A Child. Since The Child’s Cognitive Skills Know How To Different Between Real Life And Fantasy Life, It’s Not Harmful. As Long The Child Isn’t Obsessing Over The Imaginary Friend, It’s Actually Good For The Child Since It Prevents The Child From Being Lonely And End Up A Loner In Later Life, Too. Though It Also Doesn’t Mean That Not Having A Imaginary Friend Will Affect The Future Negatively.

It All Depends From Person To Person. Having An Imaginary Friend Is Self-Soothing. The Imaginary Friend Here Can Be Completely Some Imaginary Invisible Person Or A Toy Which The Child Can Physically Interact. But If The Child Gets Obsessed With The Imaginary Friend And Refuses To Socialize In Later Life, It Can Be A Matter Of Vital Concern.

Similarly, You(Not We, Because I’m Still A 18 Y. O. Kid) Adults Have Your Own Imaginary Friends Called Gods. Some Are Invisible And Others Are In Shape Of A Statue Which We Can Physically Interact With. Again, Similar To The Child, As Long As We Don’t Get Obsessed With The “God”, THERE’S NO HARM IN BELIEVING IN GOD!

Yes, Dear Friends, As Long As You Don’t Obsess Over Those Personalized Imaginary Friends Called Gods You Have, There’s No Harm In Believing In Them, There’s No Shame In Accepting That You’re A ‘Believer’ And There’s No Need For Being Disappointed Every Time Your Imaginary Friend Fails To Supply You Imaginary Energy.

Also, This One Thing Is To Be Made Clear About The Imaginary Energy Supply. Now It So Happens That Our Brain Is An Interesting Part Of Our Body. Even Fake Energy Can Be Converted To Real Energy By Our Brain. That’s Why The Motivational Talks We Read Or Hear Gives Us Fake Confidence Which Our Brain Converts Into Real Confidence. So That’s What The Imaginary Or Fake Energy Is.

Concluding All The Interesting Rubbish Above, What I Want To Say Is That Believing In God Isn’t Wrong Really. As Long As Your Belief Doesn’t Harm Yourself Or Anyone Around You, Directly Or Indirectly, It’s Okay To Have Imaginary Friends And Call Them God. Why I Said All This Is That For A Long Time, I’ve Been Confused About If It’s Right Or Wrong To Believe In A God.

And Finally, I Found An Answer, An Explanation To Satisfy, To Maybe Fool My Mind And Free Myself From An Unnecessarily Necessary Doubt. I’m A Pantheist. I’m An Atheist. I’m A-Theist. I Believe In Imaginary Friends. I Believe In My Own Version Of God. And More Than Anything, I Respect All Of You Who Are Believers Of Some Kind Of Gods Have Never Hurt Anyone Or Yourself, Intentionally Or Unintentionally, Because Of Your Belief.

Thank You For Reading My Thoughts, Trying To Understand Them And Respect Them. I Hope I’ve Helped You All Somehow. Share Your Criticisms And Appreciations And Suggestions Below In The Comment Box. Hit The Stars If You Liked What I Wrote. Subscribe To ViV’s Mailing List To Get Notified About The Latest News And Views. Have A Nice Day, People! Cheers!

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