It Hurts. But I’m So Strong!

She Hit Me. I Deserved It. But It Hurts. It Hurts Me. It Hurts Her More. It Hurts Everyone. Everyone Is Hurt. I’m So Much Hurt. I Hit Myself, Too… I’ve Never Done It Before… It’s New… It’s A Mistake. I’d Never Do It Again. It Is Very Scary. It’s Very Scary Really. I’m Scared Of Everyone. I’m Scared Of Myself More. I Don’t Want To Hurt Anyone. I Don’t Want To Hurt Myself. I Don’t Want To Be Hurt. It’s So Much Painful. Everything Is So Hard. It’s Like… It’s Never Going To End… But I Know It’ll All Go Away. I’m Strong. It’ll All Be Good. I Know That It Will. Things Are Very Hard Now. Unbearable. And It Hurts Me. But It Hurts Them Too. And That Hurts Me More. It Hurts So Much To See Them Like That… Smiling With So Much Pain Hidden Beneath. They’re So Strong. I Don’t Know How Do They Do It? They’ve Got No Comfort Anywhere… Still They Somehow Magically Get Strength From Somewhere And Keep Going On. I At Least Am More Better Off. I’ve Home To Get Strength From. I’m So Grateful. And I Learnt From That. I’m So Strong, Too. I’m Very Strong. Although It Still Hurts A Bit. Just A Bit. Not Too Much. I Can Take It. It’s Alright. I’m Not Afraid Of Anything. I’ll Fight Everything And Be Very Very Strong. For Myself And For Them. For Everyone. I’m Sorry That I’m Being Like This Right Now. I’m Being Pathetic And Weak And Ugly. But I’ll Be Good. I Am Good. I Really Am. Even Though They Say That I’m Very Wrong. But I’m Not. And I’m Also Not A Monster As They Say. I’m Not. I’m A Good Person. Although I Do Question Myself Now… Wondering If I’m Really A Monster… Wondering If I’m Really Heartless And Bad Person… I Think So Much Of It. And Sometimes I Think I Am. Maybe They’re Right. And It Hurts Me So Much. I Don’t Want To Be Bad. I Never Ever Want To Be Bad. I Don’t Want To Hurt Anyone. And Something Inside Me, Deep Inside Me Keeps Telling Me That I’m Not Bad. I’m Not Bad At All. I’m Not Wrong. I’m Good. I Feel It From Within. Even If They Don’t Like Me, I Really Like Myself. I Really Like Myself. And It’s Okay That I Don’t Fit In Here. It’s Okay. I Just Am Happy To Be Me. Because I Like Myself. And That Is My Strength. I’m Very Strong. And I’m Becoming More And More Strong. I’ll Save Them All And Protect Them All. Just I’ve To Save Myself A Bit Before That. And I’ll Do It. I Really Will. Because I’m Very Strong. Stronger Than You Think. I Promise I’ll Make Everything Right. I’ll Make It All Right. It’ll All Be Good. And It’ll All Be Good. It’ll Be Very Good. For Everyone. Just Right Now I’m Being A Little Weak. But It’s Only For A While. I’m Already Getting Better. Writing Here Always Makes Me Feel Better. I’m Getting More And More Better. I’m Getting Stronger. It’s All Going To Be Alright. It’s All Going To Be Good. I Promise. You’ll See. It’ll All Be Good. Very Good. And Then I’ll Speak More And So Freely. But Right Now I Cannot Tell. Because It’ll Hurt You, Too. So Just For Now, I’ll Keep It With Me. And Tell You Later. When It’ll All Be Good. Very Much. It’ll Be Beautiful. And Lively. And It’ll Be So Good. And Everyone Will Be Happy. I’ll Make That Happen. I’ll Make Everyone Happy. I Really Will. Be I’m Very Very Strong. I’ll Make It All Right. I Know It. I’ll Make It All Right. It’ll Be Alright It’ll Be All Good. I Promise…

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