Life And Afterlife – Why You Shouldn’t Die Right Now?

“When I stand before god at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me.’”

Erma Bombeck

Life Is Merely A Part Of Our Infinite Existence. It’s Limited And Mortal. Afterlife. It’s Something Which Happens Afterlife. But It’s Something Which Exists After Death. I Think Dying Is More Difficult Than Living. You Know Why? ‘Cause Life Is Beautiful. I Look At The Trees, Look At The Birds, Look At The Clouds, Look At The Stars… And If You Have Eyes You Will Be Able To See That The Whole Existence Is Just Joyful.

Everything Is Simply Happy. Trees Are Happy For No Reason; They Are Not Going To Become Prime Ministers Or Presidents And They Are Not Going To Become Rich And They Will Never Have Any Bank Balance. Look At The Flowers – For No Reason. It Is Simply Unbelievable How Happy Flowers Are. ‘Tis Wonderful. And You Can’t Thank The Nature Enough To Give You This Life.

I Think, This Whole Living And Dying Is Jus’ Like A Video Game (Although, I’ve Never Played One, But Read Enough). This Life, Now, Is The First Level. You Work Up, Complete Tasks(Chosen By You), Collect Points And Make Yourself Powerful. Along The Way, You Get Special Rewards And Extra Credits, Like Good Friends, Teachers, Soulmates, And You Build Strong Bonds With Them, Create Beautiful And Even Painful Memories. You Earn And You Lose. But Giving Up Is Not An Option, Not Even In Hell.

You Must Complete The Level One To Reach The Level Two. The Level Two, The Afterlife Is Beautiful And Amazing. Whatever You Earned And Learned In Your Level One Life, You Put That Knowledge In Work In The Level Two Afterlife. And, What’s More? All Your Favorite People And All Your Loved Ones You’ve Earned In This World, In This Life, Will Be With You In Your Afterlife.

Some People Call It Heaven. But, Heaven Is Not The Place For All Goody People Or The Sinless. It’s For Those Who Might Have Made Mistakes All Their Life, Terrible And Big Ones, But Are Redeemable. What I Think Is, That Most Of The Humans Are Redeemable, Including You And Me. And, We All Deserve To Be In Heaven, To Find Peace.

But, If You Do Not Complete The Level One And Go Straight To Level Two, It Won’t Be Fun. You Want Have Special Powers, Special People And You’ll Be All Alone In Your Afterlife. It Will Be Incomplete And Empty, Jus’ The Way You Left Your Life. And, You Surely Don’t Want That.

So, Live. That’s All I Can Ask Of You. If You Love Your Parents, Then You Got To Live And Fight, For Them. This World Is Beautiful, Full Of All Kinds Of People. Explore, Travel, Have Fun. Maybe, One Day, You’ll Find A Reason To Live Forever, Something To Take With You In Your Afterlife.

And Know This, This Pain You Going Through, You’ll Get More. Be Prepared. Sometimes, You’d Want To Give Up But Don’t, ’cause This Pain Is The Only Key To Eternal Happiness. Scientifically, There’s A Balance Of Everything In This Universe. Matter, Energy, Emotion, Everything. The Amount Of Sadness In Your Life = The Amount Of Happiness In Your Life. So, If There’s Pain On One Step, There’s Pleasure On The Another. All You Have To Do Is, Lift Yourself And Step Up, And Happiness And Joy Will Be Waiting For You.

This Is Life. A Continuous Cycle Of Pain And Pleasure, Sadness And Happiness, Good And Bad, Positive And Negative, Gain And Loss, Success And Failure. And You Got To Experience All Of This. It’s Like A Non-stop Roller-coaster Ride, With Infinite Ups And Downs. Ups And Downs Are What Makes The Life, Life. A Straight Line, Even In Ecg, Means Dead.

If You Feel As Though You Can No Longer Bear The Storm Of Depressive Emotion, This Exactly When You Need To Dig Deeper And Push Yourself To Survive This Challenge. Depressive Emotion Is Never Permanent – Feelings Of Pleasure And Happiness Will Return, And When They Do – You’ll Be Glad You Were Strong Enough To Continue Living.

Jus’ Take One Day At A Time. Every Day, When You Wake Up In The Morning, Make It Your Purpose To Live At Least This One Day And By Live, I Mean Live. Go Out, Meet People, Help Them, Spread Love And Happiness, Be Kind. You Don’t Have To Be Extraordinary. Just Be Yourself. You’re Such A Wonderful Person. Let People See You For Who You Are. This Is All You Got To Do.

Louise Hay Life is really very simple. What we give out, we get back. Every thought we think is creating our future

And Before Going To Sleep, Thank The Nature Around You To Give You Another Day For Creating Sweet Or Sour Memories. And Promise Yourself To Live For Jus’ One More Day, Jus’ Tomorrow. Do This Everyday. And, One Day, You Won’t Need To Remind Yourself To Live. You’ll Do It Involuntarily. And What’s More? You’ll Want To Do It, You’ll Want To Live, And Not Just For A Day But For Days, Months And Years, Even Forever And Evermore.

Who Knows If Continuing To Live For Another Year, Week, Or Even Day – Will Result In A Major Scientific Advance Or Emerging Technology That Radically Transforms Your Mood From Doom And Gloom To Happiness. So If You Don’t Believe In Magic Than At Least You Can Believe In Science.

Pleasure And Pain Are Two Aspects Of Life (Yin&yang) – They Are Inseparable. If You Are Experiencing The Painful Side Of The Coin Right Now, Flip It And You Will Inevitably Experience The Pleasurable Side In The Future – The Tide Will Turn.

When You Get Into A Tight Place And Everything Goes Against You, Till It Seems As Though You Could Not Hang On A Minute Longer, Never Give Up Even Then, For That Is Just The Place And Time When The Tide Will Turn.

“When You Feel Like Giving Up, Just Remember The Reason Why You Held On For So Long. Dying Doesn’t End The Chances Of Life Getting Worse, It Eliminates The Possibility Of It Ever Getting Any Better. “


If You Are Looking For A Sign Not To Kill Yourself, This Is It. Don’t Die, Better Runaway From What Makes You Wanna Die.

“Anyone Desperate Enough To Die Should Be Desperate Enough To Go To Creative Extremes To Solve Problems: Elope At Midnight, Stow Away On The Boat To New Zealand And Start Over, Do What You Always Wanted To Do But Were Afraid To Try.”


If You Wanna Die Anyway, Then At Least Be Reckless In Your Last Moments, Take Risks And Make It Fun. Afraid Of Heights, Go Bungee Jumping Or Sky Diving. Afraid Of Water, Go Diving Or Surfing. Either Your Fear Will Be Gone Or You Will Be. But Trust Me, You’d Love It. You’d Love Seeing World, Life From High Above And Deep Within.

Since You’re Not Afraid To Die Anymore, Start Taking Risks, But For Positive Reasons, For Fun And Adventure. If There Were Things That You Always Wanted To Try, You Might As Well Do Those Things Before You End Your Life. Since There Are So Many Fun Things To Do, You Might As Well Build Up The Courage To Do Them While Living Rather Than Permanently Ending Your Life.

Place Your Hand Over Your Heart, Can You Feel It? That Is Called Purpose. You’re Alive For A Reason So Don’t Ever Give Up. This Is The Least You Can Do. And, Actually, You Don’t Even Need A Predefined Purpose Or Reason For Being Alive. If You Are Alive, You Have The Opportunity To Do Whatever You Want In The World. You May Not Have Awakened To A Specific Life Mission Yet, And That’s Alright – You Have Plenty Of Time To Figure Out What You Want Your Purpose To Be. The Fact That You Are Alive And Have A Beating Heart Is Reason Enough To Keep Living.

Never Never Never, Ever Give Up.

Even Though You May Feel So Much Pain That You Don’t Know How You’re Going To Survive, Keep Fighting To Live Another Day. It May Feel As Though You Are Living In A Nightmare And Feel Completely Hopeless, But Continue To Push Through Each Day, Because You Won’t Be Sleeping For Long, You’ll Wake Up Eventually And The Nightmare Will End. By Never Giving Up You Are Essentially Building Inner Strength And Resilience That Nobody Can Ever Take Away.

“When Giving Up Seems Like The Easiest Option And Odds Are Stacked Against You, Always Keep Pushing And Always Keep Going. The Resistance From Fighting Our Feelings Of Dying Often Accumulates, And We Feel As Though We Will Collapse. Sometimes Life Challenges Us To Keep Going Even When We Feel As Though Recovery Is Impossible. Our Real Blessings Often Appear To Us In The Shape Of Pains, Losses And Disappointments; But Let Us Have Patience And We Soon Shall See Them In Their Proper Figures.”


You Don’t Want To Die, You Just Want The Pain To Go Away. And If You Live Jus’ One More Day, It Will Go Away. I Promise.

“There Was A Moment In My Life, I Really Wanted To Kill Myself. And There Was One Other Moment When I Was Very Close To That… But Even In Most Jaded Times, I Had Hope.”

Gerard Way

HOPE = Hold On, Pain Ends.

Live. Live Just This Once, But Live.

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

Soren Kierkegaard

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