Ma Raison D’être – Purpose

“The cities, the roads, the countryside, the people I meet – they all begin to blur. I tell myself I am searching for something. But more and more, it feels like I am wandering, waiting for something to happen to me, something that will change everything, something that my whole life has been leading up to…”

Khaled Hosseini, And the Mountains Echoed

So, I’ve Spent Nights Thinking About My Purpose In Life. Many A Times, I’ve Wondered What Is All This Around Me? Why Am I Here? What Will I Become? And, I’ve Gotten A Different Answer Every Time. But, At The Core, It All Comes Down To One Singular Thing – Live. Wherever I Am, Whatever I Do, Whenever I Do, I Jus’ Want To Live, To Cherish Every Single Moment In My Life, The Happiness, The Sadness, The Pain, The Pleasure, The Guilt, The Pride, The Loss, The Gain, Everything…

I Want To Be Alive In Every Micro-second Of Life. I Want To Feel All Of It, Even If It Breaks Me From Inside Out. I Don’t Wanna Miss Anything. I Want To Learn As Much As I Can, I Wanna Meet Every Single Person On The Face Of This Earth, Know About Their Lives And Learn A New Thing From Each One Of Them.

I Want To Explore Every Square Inch Of The Universe, To Find All The Reasons And Secrets This Utterly Mysterious Place Holds, To See For Myself Why Something Is The Way It Is, To Know And Find What’s All Hidden, What Couldn’t Our Eyes See But Our Heart And Mind Could. I Want To Find Everything That’s There… And, That’s Not. That’s My Purpose.


“The Mystery Of Life Is Not To Be Discovered Only After Death In Some Hidden, Mysterious Realm; On The Contrary, It Can Be Found By Eating The Succulent Fruit Of The Tree Of Life And By Living In The Here And Now, As Fully And As Creatively As We Can.”

Paul Kurtz

I Want To Give My Life A Completely Different Perspective… Something Someone Has Never Done… I Want To Be Different… I Know That No One Can Be Perfect But At Least Like In Math, (h -> 0) Means h Tends To Zero… It’s So Close To Zero That We Assume It Is Zero. Similarly, I Want To Tend To Perfection… And I Want To Do It On My Own… I Know I Can Do It And I Will Do It. I’ll Make My Life Perfect. Something Very Beautiful And Mesmerizing, Even Better Than A Fairytale. That’s My Purpose.

And Not Jus’ I Want This For Myself, I Also Want This For Everyone. Even If I Can’t Make Everyone Happy Every Time, At Least I Want That Every Single Person In This World Is Happy At Least For Once And That Because Of Me. The Best Way To Recieve Happiness Is To Give It. There’s No More Wonderful Feeling In This World Than Giving.

I Mean How Amazing It Would Feel To Help Someone Or Say A Few Good Words And Then See That Wonderful Smile. How Truly Satisfying We Feel When We See All Happy Faces Around Us When We Help Others And They Are Like, Really Happy Because Of Us.

You Know, When You Just Give A Baby A Candy Or Simply Talk For A While With That Lone Granny You Saw The Other Day Or You Know, Sometimes Give Your Share Of Chocolate To Your Younger Brother(P.s. That’s Rare With Me, But Sometimes I Do Give Him. His Innocent Joy Is Worth That One Bar;) Or Sometimes Help The Maid In Housework, These All Give A Very Joyous Feeling To Me. And The Smile You See On These People’s Face Is Just So Worth All Your Help.

I’m Living To See That Smile On Everyone’s Face. That’s My Purpose.

And It’s Not Just That You Help Only The Needy And The Poor. Of Course, They Need It The Most, But, Sometimes Some People Who Look Good On Outside Aren’t That Good On Inside. They’re Suffering, Just Don’t Wanna Show, You Know. So, I Think That We Should Be Good To Everyone. Using Kind Words Never Hurts, Trust Me, Never. I’ve Done That. Even If Talking To The Cruellest Person, Be Kind. Remember, It Is Cruel, Not You. That’s What I Always Do. And It Does Feel Good.

I’ Don’t Inspire Mother Teresa Or Florence Nightingale. I Just Simply Inspire Myself. And I Love Being Me. ’cause I’ve No Desire To Be Like Anyone, But Me. And, The Person Me Loves Seeing Everyone Happy. Well, You Can Say, That I’m Pretty Selfish In That Matter. Then, Yeah, I Am. I Love Being Selfish, Too. I Do What I Like. And, I Like Helping And Loving And Caring. I Feel Happy When I Help. People Feel Happy When They’re Helped. I Mean It’s A Win-win Situation, Right? That’s My Purpose.

That’s My Purpose In Life. Finding All The Unseen Is My Purpose. And, Giving Love And Happiness Is The True Meaning Of My Life. Being Happy In The Toughest Of The Situations Is Truly Living. And, I Am Living, Truly. There’s No Sadness Enough In My Life To Engulf The Happiness In My Life. The Purpose Of Life Is A Life Of Purpose.

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