Once Upon A Time… (A Love Story)

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A Love Story…

I Asked, “So, Umm… Why Are We Here?”

He Tentatively Took My Hand And Made Me Sit On The Cool Soft Sand, And Himself Sat Beside Me.

He Said, “Every Time I Came Here, I Always Felt Like Something Was Missing.” “But Now You’re Finally Here. Everything Is Perfect.”

And, We Sat There For A Long While, Embraced In Each Other’s Warmth And Enchanted By The Sound Of Waves Falling In Front Of Us.

Yes, So It Was – Perfect.

It Was The Very First Time We Were Out Together, Sitting So Close To Each Other. Both Of Us Had Many Things To Say But Neither Of Us Spoke, Mortified By The Sheer Proximity Of Our Souls.

Out Of The Blue, He Asked, “Do You Know What’s The Distance Between The Moon And The Earth?

It’s Three-Hundred Eighty-Four Thousand Four-Hundred Kilometers. Isn’t It Astonishing?”

And I Chuckled Softly.

He Immediately Said, “Sorry.”

I Asked Why. He Ran His Other Hand Into His Hair & Looked Away, Then Sheepishly Said, “Who Talks About Physics And Astronomy On Their Very First Date? I Know How Not-Romantic It Is… Sorry.”

I Chuckled Again And Made Him Look At Me.

I Looked Him In The Eyes And Said, “This Is The Most Romantic Thing You’ve Ever Said To Me And This Is The Most Romantic Atmosphere I’ve Ever Been In And You’re The Most Romantic Person I’ve Ever Met. So Get Over Yourself!”

He Smiled. And Then It Happened…

He Said, “Hey, So… Just Wanted To Ask… You Know… Umm… Never Mind!”

I Asked, ” What? Say It!”

He Looked At Me, And Held My Hands In His, And Asked, “Will You Be My Girlfriend?”

“I Know That I’m Not Perfect And I Know I’m Not Handsome And I Know I Am Old-School But I Swear That I Love You And I’m Very Much In Love With You And I Just Want To Make You Smile And Keep You Happy An….”


“Yes, You’re Not Perfect, Because You Tend To Perfection And, Yes, You’re Not Handsome, Because You’re Beautiful And, Yes, You’re Old-School, And I Love Old-School And I Love You And I’m In Love With You, Too. So, Yes! I’ll Be Your Girlfriend.”

And He Stood Up And Asked, “Really?”

And I Stood Up And Looked At Him Into His Beautiful Eyes, And Said, “On One Condition.”

His Brows Strained.

Nervously He Asked, “What?”

I Held Back My Laugh And Asked With A Serious Face, “I’d Be Your Girlfriend If… If You Tell Me The Distance Between The Sun And The Earth.”

And Immediately He Exclaimed, “One-Hundred And Forty-Nine Point-Six Million Killometeres! Will You Be My Girlfriend.?”



I Finally Laughed.

“Because I Already Am!”

And He Took Me In His Arms And Suddenly We Were No More Nervous Because We Were Home.”

He Looked At Me And Was About To Say It When I Said, “Me, Too.” And We Both Laughed.

His Smile Reflected On My Face.

And Suddenly The Moon Shined Brighter And Wind Blew Faster And Our Hearts Beat Quicker.

And Hence, Once Upon A Time, He Had Me As His And I Had Him As Mine.

Always & Forever.

This Has Happened Before. And, Time After Time, It Keeps Happening.

And So I Wish, I Hope It Happens

Once Again In Time.

Feliz Aniversário, Meu Amor!

So… Will You Be My Boyfriend?

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