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Parts Of The Content Below Might Have Sexual(Not Pornographic) References. The Content Below Is Only Useful And Not Harmful To Young Minds, According To My Mind. But I Gotta Follow The Internet Usage Protocol And Warn You. After This Line, Read At Your Own Risk.

Periods Has Been Around As Long As Humans Have Been. Uh-Oh! Lemme Rephrase: Humans Have Been Around As Long As Periods Have Been, And, Humans Will Stay Around As Long As Periods Will. The Novel Coronavirus Might End Humanity, World War III Can End Humanity, Global Warming Can End Humanity, Tectonic Plate Movements At Violent Levels Like That In The Case Of Earthquakes Can End Humanity, And So As The Absence Of Periods Can, Definitely, End Humanity. 

Now I’ve Painted A Very Dangerous Picture Of Periods In Your Mind, But Wait For It, Go Back And Read That Dangerous Line Again. Aha, Yes. ‘Absence’ Of Periods, Not Periods, Can End Humanity. Periods Are Not Dangerous. Their Absence Is, Individually And Otherwise. Pun Intended. 

What Are Periods?

For The Confused And Curious Of You, Medically, Periods Arreee… Following Are Various Links For A Rich Medical Explanation And Periods Definition: 

Find Out What Is A Menstrual Period.

All About Periods (for Teens) – Nemours KidsHealth

“A period is a release of blood from a girl’s uterus, out through her vagina. It is a sign that she is getting close to the end of puberty.”

Periods – NHS

“A period is the part of the menstrual cycle when a woman bleeds from her vagina for a few days. For most women, this happens every 28 days or so, but it’s common for periods to be more or less frequent than this, ranging from day 21 to day 40 of their menstrual cycle. Your period can last between 3 and 8 days, but it will usually last for about 5 days. The bleeding tends to be heaviest in the first 2 days. When your period is at its heaviest, the blood will be red. On lighter days, it may be pink, brown or black. You’ll lose about 30 to 72ml (5 to 12 teaspoons) of blood during your period, although some women bleed more heavily than this.”

What is Menstruation? | Get Facts About Having Your Period

“Menstruation — aka having your period — is when blood and tissue from your uterus come out of your vagina. It usually happens every month.”

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Period – WebMD

“Women have about 450 periods during their lifetime, which means you have plenty of chances to learn all about it.

  1. You can get pregnant during your period.
  2. The period you get while on the pill isn’t a ‘true’ period.
  3. Your period changes throughout your life.
  4. Tampons and pads aren’t your only choices.
  5. PMS is still a mystery.”

Now Once You’ve Read And Understood About Periods From All Or Any Of Those Websites Above, You’re Ready To Read How I Bust The Bloody Myths!

Myths And Rules About Periods From My Family

Now Before I Speak Of Myths & Rules From Around The World, I’ll Start With The Ones From My Own Family. Secondly, I’d Like To Address Those People Who Go Around Saying, “Oh, This Doesn’t Happen, You’re Lying..” Well, Dear Human, I Go Through It Once Every Month Since I Was 12 And I Didn’t Even Know That I Can Make Humans Now! So, Nope, To Much Of Your Disappointment, And Mine, It Does Happen, In Real, On Earth, To Humans. 

Also, Congratulations To You Who Is Reading This Right Now. You’re Reading It Means That You’re Better Than Those Illogical Hypocrites Or At Least Trying To Be. So, Thank You. (Yeah, You May Very Much Be One Of Those Hypocritical Illogical Bored Sweethearts Who’s Here Just To Get An Debate, But Don’t Worry Honey, I’m So Not Going To Entertain Your Desires.)

The List Of Rules From Just My home Is So Long That I’d Probably Dedicate This Entire Post To It. Nevertheless, I Promise It’ll Make You Wonder IQ And EQ Of Humans I Exist Around. Moreover, I Aim To Make It As Entertaining As Possible. It’s Just An Entertaining Informative Text.

Now All The Following Rules Revolve Around One Age-Old Myth Above All Others: 

Periods. Are. Impure.



Yep, That’s The Kind Of Crazy Which Goes On Here(Of Course, I Exaggerated  A Bit…).

Moving On To Myth #1:

Periods Are Dirty.

Oh, Hell, Yes, I Agree To That. Periods Bleeding Is Dirty. Very Much. The Menstrual Blood Stinks And It’s All Gooey And Shit…And Exactly! Shit. Shit Is Nothing Much Different Than Period Blood If You Look At It In That Way. Both Are Biological Human Wastes. Both Are Gooey Smelly Disgusting Bothersome Stuff. Both Are Part Of Being Human. Then, Bro And Sis, Why Do You Consider One As Normal And Other As Abnormal….? Huh? Period Blood Is Dirty, I Get It, But You Don’t Need To Create A Scene About It. You Don’t Need To Make Me Feel Like A Freaking Untouchable For Bleeding Every Freaking Month! 

You See, My Dear Readers, That Myth Is Hardly A Myth. Periods Are Dirty. They Can Feel Gross. They’re Not Something You’d Put In A Cup And Drink. But That Doesn’t Mean That I Or Anyone Needs To Be Punished For That. The Myth Is Not That Periods Are Dirty, But Is That ‘Because Periods Are Dirty, It’s A Punishable Offence.’ And That Myth Has Lead To Following Interesting Rules Revolving About In My Family:

1. “During Periods, You Cannot Enter The Kitchen As Soon As Period Starts.”


WHHHAAAAT? The One Thing I Need After Pads And Tampons And Other Menstrual Products To Survive Periods Is FOOD. And You Tell Me I CANNOT ENTER KITCHEN? Like Seriously? Yes, People, That Was What The First Thing My Mother Said After I Got Periods For The First Time. I Was Already Soooooo Confused About Why I’m Bleeding From Somewhere I Should Only Be Peeing And Pooping And The Last Thing I Needed Was Someone To Forbid My Only Way To Deal With Stress: Eating. 

Okay, Wait, I Am Not Forbidden To Eat. I Am Just Forbidden To Go And Fetch Food On My Own. I Have To Ask Someone To Do It For Me. It Does Sound A Really Amazing Thing At First, Ordering Around For Food For Three Days(Why Three? I’ll Come To That.), But It Isn’t As Nice In Practical. 

So How Does It Work?

If You Think You Can Just Shout And Order Someone To Bring You Food, No, You Cannot. You’ve To Go To The Person, Mostly Your Mom Or Your Sister If You Have One(And I Do), Politely Ask Them To Give You Food And You Cannot Expect Them To Be Instantaneous All The Time. 

Sometimes, They’ll Be Wishing To Complete The Work On Their Hands And Then Give You Food. Now, This Also Needs To Be Explained In Detail. They Won’t Just Hand Over The Plate To You. They’ll, At Most Times, Keep It On The Ground Outside The Kitchen And You Pick It Up From There. You Cannot Step A Foot Inside The Kitchen And It’s That Strict. Then, After You’ve Finished Eating, You Cannot Just Give The Plates Back For Washing. You Got To Do Your Dishes Yourself, Outside The Kitchen, And Not Everywhere You Go, You Find A Spare Sink Or A Clean Bathroom Area To Wash Your Dishes. It Is Not Very Hygienic, I Must Say. 

As A One Time Thing, This Wouldn’t Sound As Hard. But Imagine Asking For Food Thrice A Day At Least And Water Five Times A Day At Least For Three Days? This Is One Of The Major Reasons I Get Weaker And Many Times Dehydrated During My Periods. I Don’t Like Asking For A Glass Of Water Every Once In A While. It Makes Me Feel Constrained And Dependent. I Like To Do Things On My Own. It Becomes Suffocating If I Have To Ask For Simple Things Like That. 

On Top Of All That, You Cannot Ask Male Members Of The Family Nor Let Them Know That You’re On Periods. And That Brings Me To My Next Rule:

2. “Shh… Don’t Tell Papa Or Grandpa.”

Papa And Grandpa Wouldn’t Exist If Not For Periods. Papa And Grandpa Wouldn’t Be As Much Assholes If They Knew More About Periods Instead Of Being Kept In Dark. Those Are Only Two Out Of Many Things Which Completely Goes Against The Idea Of Keeping Periods A Secret From The Male Members Of The Family.

So Why Hide?

Well, Bluntly, They Feel Ashamed To Talk To Men About Us Women Bleeding From Our Vaginas Every Month For Almost A Week. “Oh, Don’t You Think It’ll Be Too Shameful To Tell Men About That..?” Then, Sweetheart, Why Don’t You Think Of That Same Shame When You Send Us Off To Get Married And Make Babies With A Complete Stranger?? (Arranged Marriage) Didn’t You Think That The Guy’s Gonna Put A Freaking Penis Inside That Same Vagina From Where The Periods Blood Comes Out? iS tHaT nOt iMpUrE? iS tHaT nOt sHaMeFuL?? 

That’s About Hypocrisy.

3. “Don’t Enter Temple/Holy Places During Periods”


Personally As An Agnostic Or Pantheistic Or Whatever Term One Uses For Non-Religious, Non-Theists, Non-Atheists, I Take That As A Blessing. I Am Not Much A Fan Of Going To Temples For Religious Purposes. So, I’m Good. You Read About My Religious Thoughts Here. Maybe Some Girl Out There Does Mind It, I Don’t Know, Nor Do I Care, Unless Asked For. 

Although Why?

You’re Impure. Period.

4. “Three-Days No-Entry Rule”

As I Mentioned Above, One Is Not Allowed To Enter Temple, Nor Kitchen, During Their Periods Buttttt… That Only Lasts For Three Days. YES! These No-Entry Rules Are Only For First Three Days Of Periods Even If You Bleed For An Freaking Entire Month! This Is So Illogical. But…

Here’s Why:

So, My Mother Explains That It Is So Because Only On First Three Days Of Periods, We’re Impure. Then The Flow Becomes Less So Not Impure Anymore. Thanks, Mom. Because That’s So Logical, Right? 

Also, Can’t Enter Temple On The Fourth Day Of The Periods As Well But Can After That. LOL.

5. “Must Take A Bath And Wash Hair On Fourth Day Before Entering Anywhere.”


Long Story Short, “Periods Are Dirty. You’re Still Impure, You’ll Be Purified After Bathing.” EVEN IF YOU’RE BLEEDING THE SAME FREAKING BLOOD YOU WERE FOR THE PAST THREE DAYS? Great!

6. “Don’t Touch Other People’s Things, Most Especially Their Kitchen Dishes”

Again… Periods Are Dirty… You’re Impure… Blah, Blah… 

7. “Hide Pads Or Menstrual Products”

Especially From Male Members. But Hey, More Males Than Females Are All Out There, Selling Menstrual Products Quite In Open. You Know, My Mother Did Tell Me Not To Tell Males But Never Taught Me How To Ask For A Packet Of Pad From A Male Shopkeeper When You’re Living On Your Own In A Hostel. She Never Taught Me What Size To Ask For, What Brand To Ask For, What Type To Ask For. I Had To Learn It All The Hard Way: On My Own. 


And What’s The Fuss About Asking The Shopkeeper For Black/Opaque Carry Bag Or Newspaper To Carry Your Periods Products? What Do You Think Will Happen If I Carry It Out In Open Like I Do Soap Or Tissue Or Shampoo When I Run Out Of Them? Will People Around Me All Stop And Say, “OMG, OMG, She’s Carrying Pads!! She’s On Periods!! God Save Us All! Natural Disasters Are On Way To Earth’s Destruction.” I Mean, C’mon, They’re Just Menstrual Version Of Diapers, Not Bloody Nukes.

Scientifically, It’s Just A Pad Made Of Super-Absorbent Crystals. It’s Very Hygenic, Unlike Your Mind. And Trust Me, It Smells Good, Too. You Can Actually Wipe Your Face Clean With It. It’s Soft And Harmless. No Worries. Relax. Chill. And Also, Fortunately-Unfortunately, Periods Are Non-Contagious. Plus Hey, Even If People Talk, I’m Pretty Sure It Won’t Affect Me Any How What So Ever. Trust Me When I Say This If I Cared What People Say About Me, I’d Never Write Such An Explicit And Seemingly Personal Blog. 

But What If You Don’t Follow These Rules??

Welcome To The Actual Myths Section. Here We Go:

1. “If You Don’t Follow Rules, You Parents Will Be Dogs In Next Life.”

With All Due Respect And Much Love, My Parents Are Really Nice. But They Are Humans. They Have Many Shortcomings, And This Is One Of Them. As Much As I Am Proud Of Their Accomplishments And Good Parts, I’m Ashamed Of Their Shortcomings. As Much As I Have Right To Show Off Their Good, I Also Have The Right To Criticize Their Bad, Especially When It Concerns My Life And The Way I Want To Live It. 

Although In This Life, They’re My Only And Best Parents, I Freaking Don’t Care What Happens To Them In The So-Called Next Life. Like… How Are You Even Sure That You’ll Have One? And What Makes You Think That You’ll Be Human Again? And Even If You Do Are Sure, What’s The Chance That You Two Will Be Married Again? And How Is It Freaking Possible That The Next Time You Conceive, You’ll Have Me Again?? 


So Unless There’s A 100% Surety Of That Happening, It’s Not My Problem Nor Do I Care If Either Of You Or Anyone Else In The World Becomes A Dog, A Cat Or A Unicorn Just Because Their Children Broke Highly Illogical Rules About Periods In The Present Life. 

Besides, Mummy And Papa, Whenever You Get To Read This, I Want You Both To Know That I Love You, And I Will Love You Even If Become A Dog Family In Next Life. Dogs Can Be Cute, Too. But You See, I Cannot, Nor Am I Capable Of, As A Human, To Love Anyone And Anything More Than Myself. And I’m Not Sorry For It.

2. “If You Don’t Follow Rules, Goddess Of Periods Will Punish You.”

Yup! Yes, We Have A Periods Goddess As Well. And This Dear Goddess Has As Amazing Story As Its Name: Secrets Of Kamakhya Devi Temple | Menstruating Goddess In India


Her Name Is Kamakhya Devi, Deriving From “Kama”, A Sanskrit Word Meaning Love-Making. She’s Called Menstruating Goddess Because:

Kamakhya Devi
  1. The Temple Lies On The Place Where Goddess Sati(Pre-Incarnation Of Parvati, Wife Of Shiva Or Mahadev)’s Womb And Other Genitalia Fell Upon, After Lord Vishnu Cut Her Dead Body Into 108 Pieces(Now Called Shakti Peethas) After She Committed Suicide. She Did So Because Her Husband, Shiva Scolded Her Because She Went To Her Parents’ Place For Some Celebration. Also, The Same Husband Was Devasted After Her Suicide So He Did Tandav(The Destruction Dance: Teg Longer He Dances, The More Earth Is Destroyed.). So To Stop Him From Destroying Earth Entirely, Vishnu Cut Sati’s Body As Mentioned Above. (Yeah, Hindu Mythology Is Filled With Stuff Like Those.)
  2. She Menstruates In The Month Of June, During Which The Temple Remains Closed For Three Days Of Her Periods. Also, The River Nearby Turns Red Because Of That. ( Signs You’re Losing Too Much Blood During Period Or Is It Not Blood? Well, If You Get Sudden Heavy Period, Get Yourself Checked From Local Temple… Maybe You’re A Goddess;)

And Holy Wow! Now You Know That Goddesses Don’t Have Monthly Menstrual Cycle, Just An Yearly Cycle, With Impurity Just For Three Days. Wish You Were A Goddess, Huh? But Wait, Even When Their Holy, Pure, Idol Of Perfection Goddess BECOMES IMPURE IN PERIODS AND ACTUALLY HAS PERIODS, Then We Humans… Are Just Humans. Also, The Amusing Part Is That Despite All, There Are “MEN”, “MALES”, Taking Care Of Dear Goddess In That Temple. Isn’t The Goddess Ashamed Of Telling Men…? Didn’t Her Mother And Aunts Teach Her Anything?? 

So Menstruators And Their Well-Wishers, To Answer Your Question, “How To Stop Heavy Periods?’, Well, All You’ve To Do Is Become A Goddess. This Is The Only Logical Heavy Period Treatment. LOL. 

The Thing Is, There Is Already A Lot Of Uncomfort During Periods. Not Just Physically But Also Emotionally. And I’m Not Talking About PMS(Premenstrual Syndrom) But Regular Periods (Irregular Periods). The Fluctuating Hormone Levels Already Make It A Freaking Roller Coaster Ride Of Emotions With Cramps. What I Mean Is That Periods, In General, Are Already A Lot. These Rules Just Add To It. 

A Few Things Which I’d Like To Add Here Is That It Is Not The Men Of The Society Who Are Making This Hard But The Women. These Rules Are Made By Women For Women. You Might Find It Hard To Believe But Most Of My Menstruating Cousins Actually Believe In All That Crap And Are No Different Than My Mother And Aunts And Grandmas. 

This Never Mean That All Males Are Innocent And All Females Are Evil. I Know Many Men In My Community Who Scrunches Their Nose At The Mention Of The Word “Periods”. Similarly, I Know Many Women Who Show Signs Of Agreement To My Arguments. It Is Hardly A Gender-Based-Game But I Just Think That Women Are More At Fault In This Than Men. Why? It Is Because At Least In My House, Men Listen To Women For Whatever Rules They Make For Other Women. Just Imagine What It’d Be Like If All Those Women Actually Made Helpful And Logical Rules Instead Like Making Chocolates Compulsory Part Of The Meal During Periods?

Maybe Somebody Does Feel Like Me? I Don’t Know. Because When You Turn Something As Normal As Periods Into A Taboo At Such A Level, It Just Becomes Impossible To Communicate. The Lack Of Communication Leads To Even More Myths And Misconceptions About Periods. Fear, Guilt, Shame, And So Many Other Feelings Which Are Not Periods Symptoms Biologically But They Are Social. These Social Or Sociteial Symptoms Or Rather, Side Effects Makes Those Three Days Worst Days Of My Month. 

As Much As It Might Sound Like, I’ll Never Do A Periods Revolution Like Those Feminists Or Other Female Societies Do. The Reason Is Not That I’m Okay With It. It Is Because The People Are Okay With It. As I Said, My Menstruating Fellows Don’t Mind It. So Why Force Help On Somone Who Doesn’t Even Think They Want Help? Those Who Do Want Help, Will Never Really Speak Up. If They Do, Then At Least I’ll Be The One Standing By Them. After All, Someone Got To Break The Chain. 

Also, I Do-Follow All Those Periods Rules. But Only At My home. I Do It Because I Have To. I Am Not In A Position To Risk Getting Disowned By My Family. Moreover, My Mother Is Sensitive In Religious Especially Periods Matters. Let’s Say She Just Knows The Right Nerve To Press To Make Me Do Anything. That’s Why She’ll Not Be Getting To Read This Post About Periods Anytime Soon. 

Regardless, My Mother’s Reign Is Limited To My Mother State. Outside, I’m The Only Person-In-Charge Of My Life. So Of Course, I Break All Those Periods Rules When Out. And She Can’t Stop Me. Because She Knows I’m, After All, Her Own Blood.

Lastly, There’s Only One Request. This Is To All The Non-Menstruating Humans: Please Don’t Judge Without Knowing The Situation. Keep In Mind That You Never Experienced Periods. Yet Your Opinions Will Be Respected, Your Suggestions Will Be Considered, But Your Fallacies Will Be Unacceptable And Can Be Taken As Personal Offence As I Spoke Only Of My Periods Situation Here.

You’d Think That’s All About Periods And Its Myths & Rules, But Nope. There’s A Lot More To It But I’m Tired Of Writing And You’d Be Too Bored If I Make This Longer. Nevertheless, Since You’ve Come This Far, I Hope You Enjoyed Reading About These Mind-Blowing Myths And Rules About Periods.


Comment Down Below And Tell Me What Do You Think. Have You Experienced Anything Like That During Your Periods Or Heard About Someone Else’s? Tell Me About It And I’ll Tell Your Periods Story To The World(Anonymously If You’d Like). You Can Contact By Clicking The Image At The Right.

Until Next Time.

Buy Periods Supplies.

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