The Saree Ordeal

When Grace And Couture Shook Hands, The Saree Was Born.


Sarees And Me Have Quite A Story. I’ve Never Really Liked A Saree, Until An Year Ago. Saree, To Me, Was That Drape Which Was Tighter Than A Coffin Cover. Even The Thought Of It Suffocated Me. Reason Being, It Being A Symbol For A Married Woman (In India).

For As Long As I Remember, I’ve Always Seen My Mother, Wearing A Saree. And For As Long As I Can Remember, I’ve Always Heard Her Sigh Every Time I Asked Her To Wear Something Else Like A Salwar If She So Likes It. But She Never “Dared”. My Aunts, And Other Married Female Relatives, Too, Have Always Been In A Saree. It Suffocates Them Probably More Than It Does Me. But They Cannot “Dare”. But Why?

It’s Quite Funny That A Saree, Which Has A Tiny Blouse With Which The Whole Stomach And Back Is Visible, Still Is A “Decent” Clothing For A “Good” Mrs. And A Salwar-Kurti With The Dupatta, A Fully-Covered Gown, And Even Leggings-T-Shirt, Which Cover The Entire Body And Much More Comfortable To A Working Woman And Generally Anyone, Is A Attire Of A “Shameless” Woman. Gooood Enough!

Ah, Seriously, You Still Can’t Believe? Well, Never Can I. But I See It Daily On A General Basis. Must Say, This So-Called-Society Has Quite Some Brains. I’m Really Speechless Already.

Anyways, I’ll Tell You Why Actually A Saree Is A Coffin Drape. In Simple Words, It’s A Symbolism For Marriage. And What Here I See Of “Marriage” Is Even More Pathetic Case, A Topic To Be Touched Another Time. So, Even The Idea Disgusts Me. And So Did The Saree. Probably That’s Why I Never Tried To Learn How To Drape One As The Other Little Girls Did With Their Mother’s Saree.

I Did Use To Play House With My Sister And Cousins, But I’d Always Be That One Unmarried Character Who Wears Frocks. (Ugh, Can’t Believe I Liked Frocks!) I’d Be Either The Daughter Of That Married Woman Or Some Friend Or Something, Anything To Avoid A Saree. Yet, My Sisters Would Coax Me Into Wearing One. And, Literally, That Thing Was Suffocating. You Can’t Even Stand Straight Wearing That Thing, Let Alone Walk. And It’s So Damn Uncomfortable And A Complex Thingy.

But An Year Ago, I Changed A Hell Lot, Due To Something Something. I Became A More Open Person With A Very Flexible Thought Structure. It Kind Of Freed Myself From All The Inside Barriers. I Started Really Thinking About Things. And Among Other Things, I Thought “What’s The Point In Hating A Long Piece Of Cloth, No Less Beautiful Than Other Clothing, When I Can Shape It In The Way I Do My Thoughts?”

A Few Days Later, I Was Scrolling Through Pinterest, Looking On Various Ways To Drape A Saree. For Once, The Bad Feeling Was Back, But I Shoved It Away, Focusing On The Beautiful Colours And Patterns Which Made My Eyes Twinkle. I Was Already In That Phase Of Life When I Loved Everything I Saw. And So I Liked All Those Things, Wishing To Wear It In A Certain Way As Shown Or Get Creative Myself. Yet, That Fear Never Let Me Actually Experiment. Still, I Loved The Idea Of Wearing One Some Day. And I Knew What Was The Nearest Day To Do So.

2019, January 29th, Tuesday.

I Woke Up Very Early Than Usual. Bathed, Got Dressed And Had My Day’s Meal.

Around 5 PM, I Left For Shopping With My Mother. One Shop. One Relative. Another Shop. Tired. Back home. At The End Of The Day, Still Stuck On That Only One Which I Liked From The Very Beginning. It Was My Aunt’s. I Liked The Colour. Even The Border Was Good. Appropriate For The Function. Easy To Handle. But Something Was Still Not There.

11 PM, And I’m Trying Tens Of Mum’s. Couldn’t Decide A Thing. I Then Thought Of Trying Each One And Asking My Best Friends’ Opinions. Ended Up More Confused, Though I Appreciate Their Efforts. (Thanks N And B).

12 AM, I’m Crying. Literally. Mom’s Half-Scolding, Half-Consoling. More Confused! After Folding Each And Every Single One Of Those Dreaded Pieces Of Clothing, I Went To Sleep With Heavy Eyes.

3 AM And Around, I Fell Asleep.

2019, January 30th, Wednesday.

Again, I Woke Around Same Time, A Bit Earlier Maybe. And Around 3 PM, I Was At Another One Of My Aunt’s. Completely Unsatisfied! Back In A Taxi, And Off To The Big Market, I Went. All The Way, Mother Kept Telling Me To Clear My Mind And Think What I Really Want. And All The Time, I Couldn’t Believe Of Myself Of HOW CHOOSY I Am. And More, WHY DOES IT FREAKING MATTERED SO MUCH??

One Shop. Totally Disappointing. Mother Was As Much Tired. So We Finally Went To The Cloth Shop. I Saw A Huge Variety. I Liked One. Picked One. Didn’t Took Even A Minute. But Given My History Of Not Being Able To Decide, I Doubted My Choice But Took The Risk. A Navy-Blue Cloth. Shinning And Not Shimmering. Smooth To Touch. Heavy. Many Creases.

Next Stop, The Border Shop. Again, Couldn’t Decide One. I Asked Mum If We Can First Get The Blouse And Then Choose The Matching Border Easily. And So I Chose A One. I Saw It. Liked It. Picked It. Mum Asked To See Some More Varieties To Make Sure. I Already Liked That One But Still I Did See Others, ‘Cause I Doubted Myself. In The End, I Went With My First Choice. The Peachy-Pink Blouse. With A Layerish Collar. Designed With A Few Shining Stone-Like Things.

Next, We Went To Border Shop. Again, I Saw One. Picked One. But Again, Mum Insisted I See More. And Also, It Was Too Thin So A Double Border Was What I Had In Mind. Browsed The Whole Shop. And Finally Found That Another One. The Combination Of The Two Was Amazing. I Had Still Some Doubts But Without Second Thoughts, I Gave All The Materials To Be Finished.

Meanwhile, Mother Took Me To Get Matching Bag To Carry My Phone And ‘Kerchief. Same Story. But Found A Good One. I Also Bought A Pair Of Danglers. I Already Had Many Back home But I Saw Those Hanging And They Looked More Elegant Than The Ones I Already Had. They Were Simple Golden Earrings With A Single Hanging Stone Chain.

Then We Got A Matching Fall And Went To Get It Stitched, Too And Collect The Whole Lot.

After Reaching home, I Immediately Tried It. Finally!! When I Saw In Mirror, It Looked Like Me. And, It Was Mine. Completely.

That Night, I Again Couldn’t Sleep. But This Time, It Was For Another Reason.

2019, January 31st, Thursday.

The Big Day. It Wasn’t Really That Important. But Since It Was Once In A Lifetime Day, It Actually Was. And, And, I WOKE UP LATE! You Should Have Seen The Horror On My Face When I Realized That I Had Just An Hour To Get Completely Dressed. Very Quickly, Dressed Half, Leaving The Drape For Later. Then I Went To My Aunt’s Next Door To Get My Hair Done. And Then Finally, I Wore It. The Saree. The One I Designed Myself.

Well, Technically, My Mother Draped It On Me And Made All The Pleats And Stuff, But Still. I Just Had 5 More Minutes. I Quickly Applied A Cream And Lipstik And Kajal. And Then Quickly Clicked A Picture. And Wore A Over-Coat Because It Was Too Cold And Off I Went.

Check Out Some Of The Pictures From The Function.

Yeah, Walking In It Was Still Uncomfortable. And It Had Infinite Creases Even After Ironing. But, I Had The Time Of My Life. I’m Again Still Not A Fan Of A Saree. But I Know How To Enjoy Myself Even In A Lehenga.

An Ordeal, Yes. From Not Liking A Saree To Temporary Liking It, It Was Sure A Story To Be Told. As For My Fear And Disgust For What It Symbolizes, Maybe It’ll Never Go. Maybe It Will In Some Another Lifetime. Who Knows? But For All I Know, For Now, Is That As Long As I’m Allowed To Drape That 5.5 m Cloth In The Way I Like, Whenever I Like, I’d Be Able To Keep My Fear At Bay. Otherwise, If I’m Obliged To Wear It… Ah, Well, No One Got The Nerve To Oblige Me To Do Anything!

Summarizing It All, The Story Was About How I Dealt With My Inner Fear, My Very Bizarre Decision-Making Power And How Still I Ended Up Happy As I Always Am. The Occasion Of 31st I Mentioned Above Was Actually The Farewell Day In My School. Farewell Is Like Indian Version Of Prom. In India, In Most Schools, As Far As I Know, We’ve This Ceremony And Celebration For The 12th Graders, By The 11th Graders And School Staff, Where They Bid Farewell To The Outgoing 12th-Graders. In My School Specifically, We’ve A Big Celebration, Which Commences With A Prayer Service By 11th Graders For The Outgoing.

Following That, We’ve A Very Special Candle Ceremony. In This, The 12th Graders Pass The Lighted-Candle, The Light Of Wisdom And Responsibility, To The 11th Graders. Then We, 12th Graders Take An Oath(Something About Taking Our Knowledge With Us And Being Good Citizens Of Our Country And World… (Sorry, I Didn’t Pay Much Attention To Hearing What It Was…) Then There’s A Series Of Dances And Songs And Some Comedy Drama For The Entertainment.

This Year, Especially, We Even Had All The School Staff, The Teachers And Our Sisters(The Management In A Convent School), Everyone Performed A Series Of Dances For Us. It Was Truly Fun. Also, There Was A Prize-Giving Ceremony In Which Some Of The 12th Grade Students Received Certificates And Gifts For Various Purposes Like Full-Attendance Throughout The Year, Good Academic Performance, Creativity, And Also The Student Of The Year Award. I Received One For Being Most Helpful Throughout The Year. I’m Very Grateful For All Their Efforts And I Really Had So Much Fun.

Now, I Am Back To Studying For The Most Dreaded Finals Of My Lifetime, THE 12TH BOARDS!! Why Do Horrifying? Oh, It’s A Story For Another Time. Anyways I’ll Be Scolded Much For Writing All This When I’m Supposed To Be Studying Biomolecules. But What Can I Do, I’ll Only Stop Writing When I’ll Stop Breathing On This Not So Blue-Green Ball. And There Screams Mum, “EITHER STUDY OR I’VE MUCH WORK FOR YOU TO DO IN THE KITCHEN!!” Ugh.

So, Moral Of The Story – NEVER WEAR A SAREE IN WINTERS; yOu’Ll FrEeeeeeZe To DeAtH!!

When You Walk In Saree, You Must Kick The Pleats. It Becomes More Comfortable That Way.


Hello Dear Readers,

Because Of The Dreaded Finals, Either You’ll Be Hearing Much More From Me Or None At All. The First Case Will Be Obvious Because There’s A Ton Of Tension Around And Inside Me For Now. And Writing Is The Best Therapy. Plus When You Write To Public, It’s Even Better Because You Get Better Remedies From Others’ Experiences. Do Share Yours In The Comment Section Below. And, The Second Case Would Be If My Parents Change The WiFi Password. Then I’ll Be Writing After 2nd April. BUT I WON’T STOP WRITING!!

If You Like What I Write, Subscribe And Follow Or Just Remember To Check The Site Once In A While To Get Updates On Latest Blogs. If You’d Don’t Like What I Write, Well, Then, Still Visit It Sometimes. Maybe Someday You’ll Read Something Very Interesting. Do Lemme Know If You’ve Any Questions Or Suggestions About What You’d Like To Read About?  Keep In Mind, I Only Write About Topics Which I Can Really Feel.

AND, Have A Good Day, You All.

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