Welcome To The World of Darkness… 

A Place For All The Nyctophiles And Nocturnals And Isolophiles And Dendrophiles And Coimetrophiles And Logophiles And Bibliophiles And Nemophilists And Ceraunophile And Astrophiles And Sesquipedalians And Their Fans, To Be Their True Self…

About The Name: ViViana 

Viviana Is An Italian-Spanish Name Originated From Old-French Form Of Late Latin Name, Vivianus Which Comes From “Vivius” Meaning “Vibrant” Or “Alive”. So, Viviana Simply Means, “Full of Life”. 

Also, ViViana Is A Portmanteau Of ‘ViVi’ And ‘Aashiyana’ (Hindi Word Meaning Home). So, ViViana Is Short For ViVi Ka Aashiyana i.e. ViVi’s Home. 

ViVi Is Long-Form Of VV Which Are Initials Of My Name, Vaishali Vyas. That’s Why, Both The ‘ V ‘ s In The Name Are Capitalized.

So As To summarise, ViViana – The Dark Paradise Is A Place Full Of Life And Darkness.

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