ViVianaverse – To ∞ & Beyond.

About The Name: ViVianaverse.


Viviana Is An Italian-Spanish Name Originated From Old-French Form Of Late Latin Name, Vivianus Which Comes From “Vivius” Meaning “Vibrant” Or “Alive”. So, Viviana Simply Means, “Full of Life”. So, To Start With, This Place Is Intended To Be Vibrant And Lively.

Also, ViViana Is A Portmanteau Of ‘ViVi’ And ‘Aashiyana’ (Hindi Word Meaning Home). So, ViViana Is Short For ViVi Ka Aashiyana i.e. ViVi’s Home.

ViVi Is Long-Form Of VV Which Are Initials Of My Real Name, Vaishali Vyas. That’s Why, Both The ‘ V ‘ s In The Name Are Capitalized.

The Suffix -verse Is Defined As “denoting an area of activity or interest or a section of society distinguished by a particular characteristic.” Or “denoting a fictional world associated with a particular character, television series, author, etc.

ViVianaverse Used To Be ViViana – The Dark Paradise, But After Two Years, I Feel Like My World Is A Lot More Than Dark, It’s Infinite, Unlimited, And Hence The Suffic -verse.

About The Tagline: To ∞ & Beyond.

Again, The & Beyond Only Amplifies The Entire Theme Of An Infinite Unlimited, Universe/Multiverse. It Is, Hence, Self-Explanatory.

So As To summarise, ViVianaverseTo ∞ & Beyond Would Mean An Infinite, Unlimited, Vibrant And Lively Universe/Multiverse. (Or You Could Just Say, It’s A Huge Home For Me:)

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