Where I Come From

Where I Come From, Girls Are Just Accidents That Happen While Trying To Create A Boy. Nobody Cares That A Girl Is As Much Human, With As Much Senses, Feelings, Emotions, Dreams, And A Life.

Where I Come From, Dignity Matters More Than Life Itself. Nobody Cares If Anybody, Especially A Girl, Has To Die Or Live Like Dead For The Sake Of Dignity.

Where I Come From, It’s Not Just The Men Who Rape. It’s Not Just The Body That’s Raped. It’s Mostly A Woman Raping Another Woman’s Soul. Over And Over Again. Till There’s Nothing Left.

Where I Come From, Girls Are Just Accidents. I Am A Girl. I Planned To Be A Beautiful Accident. But I’m Just Going To Be A Deadly One Now.

‘Cause Where I Come From, My Dignity Matters More Than My Life Even.

Sayv Ilahsiav


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